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Economics, Business, and Finance

Business senior seminar students attend international business luncheons

During the spring semester, students from the Latin American Global Business Senior Seminar attended two luncheon programs presented by the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago.

First, students heard Peter M. Robinson, president and CEO of the United States Council for International Business, speak on “Global Trade Outlook 2014.” Robinson offered comments regarding the status of various free-trade agreements under consideration by Congress and the President.

Then, class members attended “Look South: Export Opportunities in Colombia, Chile and Beyond.” At this event, representatives of the U.S. Embassy Bogotá, U.S. Department of Commerce in Chile, and AmCham Bogotá discussed the growing opportunities for U.S. exporters and investors in Latin America.

The information from these events was used for class assignments including an analysis of global business activities and a student-proposed entrepreneurial start-up in Latin America. The students also had the opportunity to network with businesspeople involved in various aspects of global business, including attorneys, bankers, consultants, customs brokers, exporters, freight forwarders, manufacturers, and government representatives.