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Gilman Scholarship winners

After a competitive selection process, three Lake Forest College students won Gilman Scholarships to offset the cost of their study abroad experience in the fall.

Sandra de la Riva ’15 received $4,000 for study in Paris, Ashley Mudd ’15 received $3,500 to study in Costa Rica, and Yaritza Cambron ’15 received $3,000 to study in Granada. The Gilman Scholarship Program received more than 2,700 applications for awards; approximately 800 were offered.

As part of the award, the students are required to complete a follow-up project that promotes international education. Here’s what they plan to do:

  • de la Riva is a double major in French and international relations from Centennial, Colorado who is making plans for a career in diplomacy. As a transfer student to Lake Forest from a community college, she understands the difficulties transfer students face to fit a study abroad experience into their college experience. Upon her return to the United States, she plans to work with the Office of Admissions to reach out to prospective transfer students from community colleges to help guide them through the experience of going off-campus.
  • Mudd of Libertyville, Illinois is majoring in finance, with minors in legal studies and Spanish. She plans to promote study abroad and scholarship opportunities to incoming and current students, especially through the Student Symposium. She would also like to partner with a local grade school to keep them involved in her study abroad program, and to help them learn about the culture and language of Costa Rica.
  • Cambron is a biology major and a Spanish and psychology double minor from Chicago, Illinois. She plans to promote international education and the Gilman scholarship to first-generation and Hispanic students through a Spanish-language presentation.