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How the music ed program came to be

Assistant Professor of Music Education Scott Edgar tells the story of the music education licensure process in his article, “Music Teacher Education at a Liberal Arts College: Perspectives Across Campus,” published April 14 in the online Journal of Music Teacher Education.

Read the abstract, below: 

In 2012, a committee at a small Midwestern liberal arts college, Lake Forest College, embarked on a journey to create a music education teacher licensure major. Drawing from narrative inquiry, the Dean of Faculty, Education Department Chair, Music Department Chair, and Assistant Professor of Music/Music Education Coordinator collaborated on a curricular creation. Findings from this process included: (a) the created music education major; (b) each participant’s rationale for wanting the new music education major; (c) valued components of the music education major; and (d) unique elements of a music education major at a liberal arts college.  Implications from this experience could be valuable for music education programs at small liberal arts colleges, those involved in university/school partnerships such as professional development schools, and those looking to advocate for their music education programs across campus.