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History Course Numbers Changed

The history department instituted a new numbering system of their courses, effective with registration of courses for next year.  The new course numbers are now listed on the history course requirements and description web pages, and in the 2014-15 schedule of classes.  Anna Jones, Chair of History, said the department’s course numbers had evolved to the point where they no longer made sense geographically, chronologically, or thematically.  The course re-numbering restores logic to the system.

In a letter to majors and minors, Professor Jones outlined the changes, noting that three of the key courses, World Civ 110, Theory and Methods 300, and the Senior Seminar 420 have not changed numbers.  Additionally, history course titles have not changed.  Students who have difficulty registering for a class (because a different course was previously taken under the same number) should email Anna Jones and B.J. White (Registrar’s office) for assistance.