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Ayal Sharvit ’11: Studied religion, succeeds in finance

I graduated Lake Forest College back in 2011 with a double major in Religion and Politics. Funnily enough, my career path and interests pulled me into the financial world first as a Portfolio Manager running an equity fund and now as a Wealth Manager.

 Most people in the financial industry studied economics, business or finance but what I have found to be my largest asset is not financial specially rather my ability to assess from a macro level how people interact and how the non-financial elements of life affect our economy and financial markets. Most of financial theory can be learned on the job and is sharpened with experience, my degree in religion gave me the tools necessary to look past the simple financial truths to the core of what drives most clients and corporate executives. 
Beyond my studies in Religion and Politics, Lake Forest College positioned me to take advantage of many opportunities during and after school.  My business partner is an Alumni from Lake Forest College. Together we opened the Chicago office for a top investment management firm; with the skills we learned in and out of class have built a business around the values and work ethic encouraged at LFC.