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Assistant Professor of Religion co-edits forthcoming companion book on new religious movements

Ben Zeller collaborated with George Chryssides of the University of Birmingham, UK on The Bloomsbury Companion to New Religious Movements (Bloomsbury 2014), which contains chapters from 29 top and up-and-coming researchers in the field. Zeller will travel to London at the end of the month for the Information Network on Religious Movements conference to publicize the book and speak about related research.

The Bloomsbury Companion to New Religious Movements addresses several categories of new religions and contains key themes such as charismatic leadership, conversion and brainwashing, prophecy and millennialism, violence and suicide, gender and sexuality, legal issues, and the portrayal of New Religious Movements by the media and anti-cult organizations.

Zeller and Chryssides recently were interviewed for the publisher’s blog, Bloomsbury Religious Studies. In the interview, Zeller said he drew from about 15 years of previous study in writing the book.

“By ‘Companion’ we mean that the book is an indispensible research tool, one that scholars and students will want to keep handy and make frequent use,” Zeller said in the interview. “Certainly for all of us, even the most focused scholars, there is a lot in this book that is new. I really enjoyed learning from my colleagues as we edited their work. I am much the richer from working on this project, and I suspect our readers will be, too!”

Read the full interview.