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Music label prints excerpt from Ahmad Sadri’s acclaimed translation of Persian poem for new CD

Gorter Professor of Islamic World Studies and Professor of Sociology Ahmad Sadri’s rendition of the Shahnameh was selected by Maestro Hamid Motebassem and the Celestial Harmonies label to be printed as notes for a newly released CD of a live performance by the symphony Simorq.

“The label originally earned the rights for another version…but upon the publication of my Shahnameh they discarded that plan and requested permission to use my translation. It was indeed an honor to accept,” Sadri said.

Sadri published The Epic of the Persian Kings: the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi last spring. It is the longest poem written by a single person in the history of humanity. The 83,000-word abridged translation was printed against 550 richly colored illustrations by New York-based graphic designer Hamid Rhamanian.