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Master of Liberal Studies

MLS Alum Publishes Book

We congratulate Clara Herrera MLS ’01, on the publication of her new book Las Místicas de la Nueva Granada: Tres Casos de Búsqueda de la Perfección y Construcción de la Santidad (The Mystics of New Granada: Three Exemplars of the Search for Perfection and the Construction of Holiness) in early November 2013.

The publisher is Paso de Barca, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, which specializes in studies of Latin American culture.  The Colombian Consulate in Barcelona gave a reception to mark the book’s publication and hosted a panel discussion of it, featuring Clara and two Spanish academic discussants.

Following completion of her MLS degree in 2001, Clara earned a doctorate in Hispanic Languages and Literatures at the University of Illinois Chicago and teaches Spanish at Lake Forest College.