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Lake Forest College Press / &NOW Books releases &NOW Awards 2

The book is a product of the Lake Forest College community, and numerous students, faculty, and staff worked in various capacities on the project.

We are pleased to announce the May 25 release of The &NOW AWARDS 2: The Best Innovative Writing, from Lake Forest College Press / &NOW Books (distributed by Northwestern University Press).

The book features works originally published between Sept. 2009 and Sept. 2011, and includes numerous writers in the innovative tradition, as well as writers affiliated with the biennial &NOW conference (andnowfestival.com) held most recently at UC San Diego (2011) and the Sorbonne (2012).

This book is a product of the Lake Forest College community, and numerous students, faculty, and staff worked in various capacities on the project. Please join us in congratulating the following students, whose invaluable input, assistance, and energy made this work possible. 

Cass Balzer ’16

Alyssa Basten ’13

Leah Bowers ’14

Taylor Carlile ’16

Kaisa Cummings ’14

Amy Finn ’12

Zakea Boeger ’12

Jody Buck ’13

Thomas Dale ’14

Vasiliki Gerentes ’14

Ryan Goodwin ’14

Tobi Greenwald ’12

Madeeha Kahn ’13

Tammy Kise ’12

Tyler Lebens* ’13

Nicholas Miner ’14

Amanda Muledy ’13

Robert Murphy ’12

Vinisha Purohit

Taryn Smith ’14

Samuel Murphy* ’13

Percy Sandel ’13

Hannah Speck ’15

*Tyler and Sam both have written introductions to individual selections in the book.

Additionally, this book would not have been possible without the assistance of Emma Therieau, Leslie Taylor, Annie Colquhoun, and Ian Morris (former editor of Northwestern’s TriQuarterly, who taught a spring 2012 publishing course).

Special thanks also goes to Vicki Gerentes, who tirelessly designed this book—from the ground up—and to Jessica Berger ’07, who designed the cover.

Finally, we are indebted beyond words to Professor Josh Corey, Co-Director of Lake Forest College Press and Plonsker Prize Editor. Many of the poetry curatorial decisions of the book were Josh’s, particularly in the excerpts from the book’s two Plonsker Prize winners, Jose Perez Beduya and Elizabeth Gentry.

The book is two-in-one, and can be read forward from either of the two “front” covers (on both sides of the book). This design resulted from the curatorial and theoretical work of the students in English 323: Lake Forest College Press/ &NOW Books, fall 2012, and would have been both unthinkable and impossible without their sustained efforts.

As to the contents: the book has everything from the “Appendix” to Davis Shields’ controversial Reality Hunger to visual poetry/letter-based images to text produced by computer code to newly translated excerpts from innovative French authors to terrifying short fiction from a master of the form, Brown University’s Brian Evenson.

You may procure a copy from any major online bookseller, peruse one from the library, or purchase one, soon, from the campus bookstore.