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Environmental Studies

Zyg Plater to visit campus

Boston College Professor of Law Zygmunt Plater is one of the nation’s leading environmental lawyers – and a friend of Lake Forest College.

Professor Plater argued before the US Supreme Court in defense of the endangered snail darter during TVA v Hill, the most important endangered species case. He served as chairman on the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Commission, and consulted responses during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He has represented Cherokee Indians, farmers, and environmentalists before the Supreme Court and other federal agencies, while teaching and researching in the areas of environmental property, land use, and administrative agency law. 

His upcoming visit to campus will be the third time that he has come to speak to our community about his work. In 2009, he came and spoke about how the construction of a dam was delayed because of a very small fish called the snail darter. In 2011, he spoke about the role of early Chicago in American Environmental Law and the Public Trust Doctrine. 

Next Thursday, April 18, he will deliver a lecture on environmentalism in the media, and discuss how the knowledge necessary for a democratic society can be undermined by media sins of omission and commission. While in Lake Forest, Professor Plater will give a guest lecture to Environmental Studies 368: Endangered Species and Endangered Languages, as well as join students and staff for dinner after his lecture.

The lecture, called “Keeping the Canary in the Dark: What Happens When the Media Misunderstands and Miscommunicates Endangered Species?” will be held in Meyer Auditorium at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday 18 April. 

For more information or general inquiries, please contact Erika Rodriguez at (847) 735-6282 or erodriguez@lakeforest.edu.