Lake Forest College Internship Funding Program

Students who plan to complete an internship during the summer 2014, fall 2014, or spring 2015 semesters may qualify for funding of up to $3,000 to help alleviate costs associated with their experience.

The importance of completing internships is stressed repeatedly, but the fact that many of the positions are unpaid poses a challenge for some students.

Through a partnership with the James S. Kemper Foundation, Lake Forest College students are eligible to receive grants of $1,000 to $3,000 to help alleviate costs associated with interning at Chicagoland companies. For more information about these programs, please read on. 

Two great funding opportunities - one application!

Lake Forest College Internship Funding Program

While students can still secure an internship on their own and apply for funding to support it, this year, the College is working with 6 featured employers to create new opportunities for Lake Forest students.  Students can express their interest in the featured employers through the funding application and will be contacted with further information after submitting their application.

Interested? Review the eligibility criteria here


ACI-Kemper Foundation Liberal Arts in Business Internship Program

The Associated Colleges of Illinois, in partnership with The Kemper Foundation, has made a grant available to students working and learning in unpaid, full-time summer internships with businesses. These workplace experiences will be supplemented with online training modules to help students better understand how businesses function. The goal is to grow the number of students who understand themselves and the business world.  Only non-business majors are eligible for this award; business students with a second major can be considered for this award.

All students who complete the Lake Forest College funding application and express willingness to complete the ACI online business training will be considered for the ACI grant.


To apply for funding through Lake Forest or ACI, download the application and submit the completed form with your resume and unofficial transcript to Melinda Pudlo in the Career Advancement Center at  One application will allow you to be considered for featured internships, general Lake Forest internship funding, and ACI internship funding. 

References will provide a recommendation form, not a recommendation letter.  This form is also available in a text version if the recommender prefers to copy/paste into an e-mail message: text version of recommendation form.

The early action deadline is April 18th to receive full consideration for featured internships; while all other Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 applications are appreciated by this time, the final deadline for consideration is April 25, 2014.


Financial Assistance for Summer Tuition 

Students interested in completing a summer internship have an opportunity to decrease their tuition expense if they take the internship for credit and have financial need. The supervision that students receive in credit-bearing internships provides consistent support for students during their internships and helps them to more effectively apply their academic experience to their internship.  Details about the program can be found on the summer programs web page. Applications will be accepted by the Financial Aid Office on a rolling basis until May 1.


To learn more about summer internships at Lake Forest College, check out the Frequently Asked Questions guide.