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Communications and Marketing

Lecturer in Education (art) Debra Fitzsimmons shows artwork

Exhibitions include the Alvin Gittins Gallery Invitational Exhibit at the University of Utah and a showing at the Robert T. Wright Gallery in Grayslake, Illinois. Since June, Fitzsimmons also gave a number of presentations related to AP courses.

Recent exhibits

June 2012.  The Alvin Gittins Gallery

October 2012. Robert T. Wright Gallery. Recent Works. Grayslake, IL.  


June 26-29 2012. Mariana Islands Summer AP® Professional Development Institute. Kagman High School, Saipan, MP.

October 30, 2012. AP® Professional Development Conference, University of Minnesota - Continuing Education and Conference Center in Saint Paul, MN.

November 3, 2012.   AP® Professional Development Conference, University of Nebraska - Omaha in Omaha, NE.

November 14-16 2012.  West Virginia Center for Professional Development 2012 Advanced Placement Fall Institute.