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Communications and Marketing

American Marketing Association members hone skills while giving back

The Lake Forest chapter of the American Marketing Association means business.

The student group has set quite an agenda for this academic year and, just one month into the semester, already has a handful of projects in the works, ranging from community service events to campus speakers.

What better way to gain practical skills for their careers of interest?

AMA aims to offer students experience managing finances, people, and deadlines while also giving back. The group is unique to the College because of this as well as the fact that it is linked to a national organization.

Led by President Rhiannon Miller ’14, AMA comprises about 15-20 students. Most are majoring in business, English, communications, or the like, but they do not discriminate.

“I want to go into the marketing field, so this is a great real-world experience for me,” said Dillon Knoll ’13, vice president of programs and communication major.

Alyssa Basten ’13, vice president of communications, an English major, said she was attracted to the organization because it was small and offered a lot of opportunity to get involved.

“Seeing a need on campus, finding a way to meet that need, and seeing it get done is really amazing,” she said.

Following through, in fact, was a primary motivator for Miller to run for president. She was a member last year and saw some room for improvement, namely, better planning and organization. So, she got an early start, initiating conversation among members over the summer to set goals.

One of their first pushes is AMA Saves Lives, which raises awareness about the importance of organ donation. The Lake Forest chapter competes with other chapters in the country from October to early December to get students to sign up for the national donor registry on the AMA website, said Lilit Muradyan ’14, executive vice president. If all goes well, they will have a positive message to share with other chapters at the AMA International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans next March.

In early December, the group sponsors an event to help the organization Feed My Starving Children. Anywhere from 150-200 students volunteer for two hours one afternoon to pack dried food goods, which are sent to third world countries.

Other events they are planning: a monthly speaking event in which professionals from various fields, such as finance, social media, and marketing discuss their work with students, and an alumni panel in the spring that focuses on what it’s like to transition from college to the work force.

AMA meets on Wednesdays at noon in the Senior 25 Lounge.