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Congress is coming to campus

Former Congressmen Sam Coppersmith (D-AZ) and Tom Ewing (R-IL) will be on campus October 29-30 to encourage students to consider careers in public service. They’ll be visiting classrooms, meeting with students, and talking at forums while on campus for two days as part of a national Congress to Campus Program.

Here are the opportunities when you will be able to meet with the congressmen:

Concerns about the lack of civic literacy among America’s young people and declining participation in politics and voting even among college-educated young adults are being addressed by the Congress to Campus program, which brings students into contact with former Members who share their insights and experiences. Students are challenged to become involved in the legislative process and learn about the value of public service from men and women who have served in Congress.

This visit is sponsored by the Stennis Center for Public Service. The College has participated in the Congress to Campus visits for the last three congressional campaigning seasons, including 2003 and 2008.