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Lake Forest College welcomes new faculty

Five new full-time professors are joining the faculty for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Five full-time faculty are joining the ranks at Lake Forest College this year. Their areas of study help the College expand its current programs to support the growing student body. 

S. Aneeqa Aqeel joins Lake Forest as an assistant professor of economics while she completes her PhD at the University of Michigan. Aqeel prepares to defend her dissertation, “Search and Matching Models of Housing and Macroeconomic Activity” this August. She is interested in researching more about macroeconomics, housing, and international finance. Her timely research in economics is very relevant for the largest department at the College. Aqeel will teach three courses in economics and finance this year. 

Finishing up her PhD at the University of California, Davis, Ananya Das will be our new assistant professor of computer science. She will be teaching five courses this year. Das not only has experience teaching at the university level, but also teaching to young women from local villages in New Delhi, India and low-income women seeking employment, and inner city children in New York. As the founder and president of the Women in Science organization at UC Davis, Das is a strong advocate for women scientists and researchers. Her research involves designing and analyzing algorithms, with a focus on optical networks and graph-related problems. 

Dr. Sean Menke comes to Lake Forest after teaching biology at the University of Oklahoma, the University of California, San Diego, and North Carolina State University. He will instruct three courses and two labs as an assistant professor of biology this year. Dr. Menke worked as a research mentor at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in Colorado and plans to develop an active undergraduate-focused research program at Lake Forest. His courses will be a substantial contribution to the growing Environmental Studies Program. 

PhD candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dustin Mengelkoch, will teach four English courses at Lake Forest this year. While at UNC, he taught the year-long course required of all Comparative Literature majors. Mengelkoch has written extensively on early modern literature and has received several merit-based fellowships and awards, including the internationally competitive Scaliger Fellowship to study the Special Collections of the University of Leiden. 

Lake Forest’s new postdoctoral fellow in politics, Dr. Evan Oxman earned his MA and PhD in politics at Princeton University. The political science scholar will teach both introductory and advanced courses on American political thought, democratic theory, constitutional law, and the development of American institutions. Dr. Oxman is currently a postdoctoral fellow at McGill University.

Lake Forest College looks forward to these new faculty joining the Forester family and their contributions to our growing community.