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Physics students head to great grad schools

Nine physics majors and one minor graduated in the Class of 2012. They’re furthering their education at institutions including MIT and Texas A&M.

  • Maria Zawadowicz ’12 earned majors and awards in both chemistry and physics. She was accepted into graduate programs at the University of Colorado, Texas A&M University, The University of California at Berkeley, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Princeton University. She has decided to join the atmospheric division of the department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at MIT. The appointment is joint with the department of civil and environmental engineering. She has been excited about developing instruments for measuring volatile organic compounds in the air after her years of working with Professor Lori Del Negro in chemistry. Maria completed a senior thesis with distinction entitled “Measuring Excitation Probabilities of a Two-state System Using Pulsed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance,” supervised by Professor Michael Kash.

  • Matt Morrison ’12 will join a PhD program in physics at Texas A&M University this fall.  He is thinking of pursing his degree in applied physics. Matt completed a research project about “Electromagnetically Induced Transparency,” supervised by Professor Michael Kash.

  • Kosova Kreka ’12 was accepted into a two-year Master’s Degree program in Europe. It is called the MaMaSELF programme: Master’s in Materials Science Exploiting Large scale Facilities, where she will spend each of the four semesters at a different university in a different country. Kosova completed a senior thesis with distinction entitled “Electron Impact Excitation of Super-cooled Nitrogen,” supervised by Professor Scott Schappe.

  • Physics minor, Katie Nicholson ’12 has been accepted into Teach for America, and after training this summer in Philadelphia, will teach (probably Math, maybe physics someday) in the Detroit area. Katie is a politics major, and spent the spring semester of her junior year in Botswana.