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Campus community hungry for new theme

College adopts campus-wide food theme for the 2012-13 academic year.

An informal group of Lake Forest College faculty and staff has recommended a theme for the 2012-13 academic year: Food.

“Food seems to us an ideal theme to provide an intriguing common focus for Lake Forest College, since so much of what happens on campus can be related to food,” said Ethics Center director Lou Lombardi, who helped organize the group.

A number of efforts related to the Food theme are already underway:

1. The First-Year Studies Committee is developing a plan that would use a book chapter from Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma.  

2. The Gates Center for Leadership and Personal Growth is examining possible food-related events for New Student Orientation and the academic year itself.  A service activity, at the Northern Illinois Food Bank, will likely be included during orientation.

3. The Ethics Center is poised to provide coordination of activities—e.g., through web materials that will highlight food-related efforts—and to help organize events that deal with the many ethical issues associated with food, including the lack of it in various parts of the world as well as anti-weight-bias issues.

Some courses already touch on the idea of food: for example, the Spanish course “Cocina,Cultura, y Literatura,”  the Environmental Studies Program’s offering “Chicago the Food City,” and a chemistry course titled “The Science of Food.” 

In addition, the College’s food service will join in some food-related activities throughout the year, such as the wildly popular annual “Iron Chef” competition.

“We hope the food theme will generate excitement and bring together individuals and groups with disparate interests,” explained Lombardi.  “We are offering an invitation to all members of the campus community to consider activities in 2012-13 that touch on the topic of Food.  The effort will extend as far as colleagues and students are willing to take it.”