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International Relations

Read students’ reflections from off-campus study

All students who study off campus write an essay upon their return. These reflections describe the students’ activities during their time away and, more importantly, how those experiences changed their perspective and what they learned about a new environment and about themselves.

Each semester, all reflections are entered as contest submissions. The author of the winning essay receives a small cash prize. That essay and other selected entries are published on this page.

  • Fall 2012 Reflections Contest Winners

    Carrie C. Myers ’13 is a psychology and English major. At a very young age, Carrie developed a passion for understanding and helping others. She aspires to be a careful listener and a reliable helper for those in need. She spent the Spring 2012 semester on the ACM London/Florence program.

    Read Sam Sekulich’s ’13 essay about learning to be good enough for herself through her experience at her Chicago-based internship with Erasing the Distance, a nonprofit arts organization. She gained confidence and learned the value of trusting herself. She writes “I believed in what I was doing, because other people believed in me.” 

    Honorable Mention

    Melissa E. Eisenberg ’13 is an international relations major and hopes to venture into the field of political advocacy. Although, her time spent in Botswana included various difficult situations, it was also full of adventure, growth, and living. Neale Donald Walsch easily captures her time abroad in this quote,“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”