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Student receives prestigious Jack Kent Cooke scholarship

Amanda Muledy ’13 among a handful of transfer students nationwide to be selected for this special honor

Muledy was one of sixty individuals out of a pool of 785 applicants to be awarded a 2011 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship.The scholarship supports accomplished community college students with financial need to transfer to and complete their bachelor’s degrees at the nation’s top four-year colleges and universities. 

Muledy, an English major from Aurora, Illinois, was thrilled to get the award. “For the first time in my life…I don’t have any monetary concerns prickling at the back of my mind, distracting me from my studies,” said Muledy. “It’s amazing how weightless I feel.” 

Each award is intended to cover a significant share of the student’s educational expenses – including tuition, living expenses, books and required fees – for the final two to three years necessary to achieve a bachelor’s degree. According to the foundation’s website, awards vary by individual, based on the cost of tuition as well as other grants or scholarships he or she may receive.

To be considered for a Cooke Foundation scholarship, a student must have at least a 3.5 GPA and be nominated by a professor or administrator at the community college where he or she studies.

With the scholarship in hand, Muledy chose Lake Forest in part because of the personal attention she received during the application process. “I even got an email from the Chair of the English Department, which made me feel like a celebrity and pretty much sealed my decision,” she explained.

“I figured that, if students are this important to the staff at Lake Forest, I could probably look forward to the same kind of attention in the classroom,” Muledy added.