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Students and faculty kick off art season

The art scene on campus opened its doors this week. Both the Sonnenschein Gallery in Durand Art Institute and the Deerpath Gallery opened their fall exhibits on Thursday, September 1, featuring works by faculty as well as student drawings.

The Sonnenschein Gallery exhibit titled “Faculty Artists: Recent Work,” features work by studio art faculty members Michelle Bolinger, Peter Cardone, Karen Lebergott, Eli Robb, and Tracy Marie Taylor. It will run through homecoming weekend, until October 1. 

The Deerpath Gallery walls are covered in drawings done by Professor Lebergott’s spring 2011 Advanced Drawing class. The students whose work is featured in this exhibition were asked to work experimentally with media and concepts that were both challenging and sometimes unknown. The exhibit will run until September 15. 

These exhibits kick off an exciting art season which includes celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the Sonnenschein gallery, that exhibit will open on Thursday, October 9

This year’s annual John and Katherine Covington Art Exhibition will feature the Chicago based artist, Diane Simpson, which opens on Thursday, November 3. Simpson’s art exhibit titled “Sculptural Works” runs through December 8. 

 Take a look at some of the artwork featured in these fall exhibits here: