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College’s garden keeps growing

The Environmental Studies department’s garden is ripe with all sorts of produce. 

From bush beans and beets to cabbage and carrots, the garden is the place to go for fresh food. The department’s team of interns hosts weekly vegetable sales on Thursdays throughout the summer and will continue into October. All proceeds go directly back into supporting the garden. This week’s newest addition to the bounty are cucumbers. 

To expend this year, the interns planted an ornamental border around the spot behind Glen Rowan with extra help from alumna Eliza Fournier, who works as a community garden manager at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Fournier designed the plans back in May, composed of juniper, roses, berries, and hydrangea among other ornamental plants.

Nada Finn of Green Town Waukegan connected the department with praying mantis eggs. Since they eat unwanted bugs, these insects are one type of natural pest control the College’s garden employs. The interns raised the praying mantises and released them around the garden.

Check out more information and photos on the garden’s blog.