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Music professor Emilie Amrein appointed the director of the Chicago Choral Artists

Lake Forest College music professor, Emilie Amrein, was recently appointed the director of the Chicago Choral Artists, a professional choral ensemble that has performed in Chicago for the last 35 years. 

The Chicago Choral Artists have been operating in the past few years with interim directors, but launched a nationwide search a year ago. Amrein was selected as one of six semifinalists, who gave auditions with the group at short rehearsal sessions. Based on her performance during the audition she was selected as one of three finalists, each of whom conducted a concert series during the recently-concluded past season. In the final analysis, the membership voted her the top candidate. Amrein will be the group’s artistic director. 

“We anticipate a long and successful partnership,” said singer and board member of the Chicago Choral Artists, Jonathon Siegel. “She stood out not only for her artistry, but also for her enthusiasm, personality and potential to develop a good working relationship with our Board of Directors.”