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Business Professor Les Dlabay publishes popular finance textbooks

You know that you’ve got a good professor when you see his name on the cover of your top-selling business textbook. Professor of Business, Les Dlabay, recently published updated editions of three widely used business and finance textbooks.

Personal Finance, 10th Edition, published by McGraw-Hill, is the top-selling college book for learning personal financial planning, having been used by more than 800 schools in its various editions. International editions of the book have been published in Canada, India, and Singapore. Business and Personal Finance, 3rd Edition, is a high school adaptation of the book. Dlabay started working on the first edition of Personal Finance in 1985, two years after coming to Lake Forest College.

Principles of Business, 8th Edition, published by South-Western/Cengage, is the market-leading high school book for students to learn about the fundamentals of business operations, finance, marketing, technology, and management. Previously titled Intro to Business, the book provides a complete instruction package for business concepts and skills needed in today’s domestic and global economic environment. With publication of these books, Dlabay has authored or helped publish adaptations of 40 books.

Dlabay has taught more than 30 different courses during his career, and has presented over 300 teacher workshops and seminars emphasizing team projects and field research activities. His “hobbies” include a cereal package collection (from over 100 countries) and banknotes from 200 countries; these are used to teach economic, cultural, and political aspects of global business.

In an effort to prepare students to do business with the “Forgotten Majority” (the more than half of the world’s population living on $2 or less a day), Professor Dlabay makes extensive use of assignments related to world hunger, poverty, and economic development. He works with NGOs that emphasize microenterprise development through microfinance programs. His research includes work related in informal economic activities and alternative financial services in developing economies, such as ROSCAs and hawalas.