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Waukegan students come to campus for chemistry

Students from Abbott Middle School in Waukegan took at trip to Lake Forest College to get their hands dirty with the College’s chemistry students on Friday, April 8, 2011. 

This Waukegan middle school visit has been part of the Measure of Our Success (MOOS) Program for the last 20 years. The Student Affiliates of the America Chemical Society (SAACS) and their chemistry classmates put on demonstrations and hands-on activities with the younger students. They learned that chemistry is more than just molecular equations; it’s fun!

This year’s visit was funded and organized by the chemistry and education departments. “Every faculty member in the chemistry department contributed to making this day possible,” said Professor Elizabeth Fischer of her colleagues. Fischer is the faculty advisor for SAACS and one of the annual event’s main organizers.

When selecting the visiting class this year, SAACS choose to work with their fellow Lake Forest College student, Shabana Yusufishaq `12, who is currently student teaching in alumna Holly Nash’s 6th grade classroom. Yusufishaq incorporated this visit as part of her time with the class. About 60 of her middle school students spent the day at the College. They went on a campus tour, enjoyed a pizza lunch, and got the opportunity to learn more about chemistry.

“It was an incredibly enriching experience for my students,” said Nash. “Being able to bring my students to see Lake Forest College was a dream come true for me. I loved my time at the College and hope that I have recruited a few future Foresters.”