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President Schutt interviewed on Chicago radio during Education Week

President Stephen Schutt spoke on Chicago’s WBBM-Radio about the value of small colleges and how Lake Forest College is moving forward amid the pandemic.

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During the Noon Business Hour on May 12, Schutt discussed the valuable aspects of choosing a small college over a big university. He explained that the main differentiator between small and big colleges is the lasting close personal relationships that students build with their peers and their professors. Lake Forest’s small but diverse campus, Schutt continued, allows students to learn directly from an expert faculty that has been educated by some of the best schools in the world. Contrary to large universities, Schutt explained, Lake Forest professors “want to be with students…and teach them directly.” He pointed out that even during the pandemic Lake Forest College professors have remained available to students regularly.

In addition to the valuable education students receive, Schutt spoke about the College’s award-winning Career Advancement Center that prepares students “to enter the world and do the things that they want to do in their careers ahead.” This is reflected in the fact that almost all of Lake Forest College students land a job within six to nine months after graduating. 

To a student that is wondering which size school is right for them, Schutt recommends small schools to those who are looking for a personal experience that would not be found at a large university. If students want to be known by name, build close relationships with faculty while in college, and sustain lasting relationships with faculty even after college, then a small school like Lake Forest College can provide that, he said. 

The interview concluded with Schutt speaking about how Lake Forest College is dealing with the pandemic and planning for the future. He said College leaders are working daily to make sure all of the necessary precautions are taken and changes are made to safely return to school in the fall. Schutt is “very optimistic” about the return.

—Katy Knuckles ’21