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Lake Forest College partners with Lake Forest Graduate School of Management on special opportunity for recent grads

Lake Forest College is partnering with The Center for Leadership at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM) to give their new graduates in the Class of 2020 a special opportunity to sharpen their business and leadership skills.

During the month of June, the LFGSM will offer two interactive, virtual, multi-session learning programs developed exclusively for the 2020 graduates of Lake Forest College. The courses, funded by Lake Forest College, are offered to the members of Class of 2020 at no charge.

New graduates can choose between either a Leadership or Business Skills  
course of study and upon completion will earn a badge from the LFGSM Center for Leadership that can be incorporated into their resume and LinkedIn profile.

Each includes four weekly evening sessions of 60 to 90 minutes. The program will conclude with a networking session attended by a slate of top executive alumni from both Lake Forest College and The Graduate School of Management.

A digital badge course offers the Class of 2020 the opportunity to build confidence, gain tangible takeaways, and demonstrate a dedication to continuous learning as they navigate a job market responding to external events, said Carrie Buchwald, Senior Vice President of the Center for Leadership at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

  “You accomplish something, you can master something, and you can demonstrate that you have it through this digital badge on a LinkedIn profile,” Buchwald said. “It is evidence of your continuous learning, and that is an all-around positive thing.”

The LFGSM Center for Leadership provides education services and award-winning workshops that prepares talent at all levels to lead, manage change, innovate, exceed targets and deliver results.

“The College values our longstanding relationship with the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and are thrilled we could collaborate on this special opportunity for our graduating seniors,” said Vice President for Careers and Athletics Jackie Slaats. “As an institution, we take great pride in ensuring our students have continued opportunities for learning and success – especially during challenging times – and it’s great to have a local partner with similar goals.”

“We think Lake Forest College is onto something here,” said Buchwald. “We have not seen other academic institutions take advantage of something that the Graduate School of Management can offer as an added value for their students. There is a bigger story here for other academic institutions to take notice as they are thinking about supporting students, especially this year.”

Self-designed major Zoe Johnson ’20 was excited to enroll for her digital badge course. “I believe this program offered by Lake Forest College and the LFGSM is a great way to help the Class of 2020, especially during these difficult times,” Johnson said. “I’m so thankful for Lake Forest College and their efforts in continuing to support all of us in the Class of 2020.”