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Foresters CAREer 2020 Senior Initiative connects seniors, alumni

The Foresters CAREER 2020 Senior Initiative connects seniors with select members of the Forester network for video calls to provide them with support and career advice, tips for success, and referrals wherever possible during these unprecedented times.

Matches were made based on Career Pathway, major, and/or commonalities with local area. The goal of the program is to let members from the Class of 2020, our newest alumni, know that there is, and always will be, a very large Forester community that cares about their personal well-being and professional success.

By the end of May, 125 recent graduates from the Class of 2020 and more than 90 alumni and other members of the Forester Community participated in the Forester CAREers initiative.

“The program evolution was a natural for Lake Forest College given what is an ongoing Foresters Helping Foresters spirit amongst the College’s trustees, alumni, family, and friends. I mentioned the idea to Vice President for External Relations Phil Hood and, within a very short timeframe, members from the Career Advancement Center were working hand in hand with staff from the Alumni and Development Office to implement the program,” said Vice President for Career Advancement and Athletics Jackie Slaats .

The timing of the outreach from members of our Forester family will long be remembered by our graduating seniors in what was certainly an unexpected and unparalleled ending to their final semester at the College. 

Continue reading below for words of praise and positivity from our students and our Forester network about their experience with this initiative. 

  • “I connected with Professor Robert Volk from Boston University of Law. We instantly bonded over our roots at Lake Forest College. So it was not difficult to establish comfortability. Our conversation was casual, but purposeful towards post-graduate plans.”
  • “Overall, I was VERY impressed with the student I was paired. He was articulate and really asked some difficult questions. He is very motivated.”
  • “My experience was awesome. Though I didn’t have many questions, my mentor gave me a ton of great tips on trying to get my name out there and in the door of the community that I want to reach! She also offered to go over my resume and gave me a ton of names of people that I can connect with in the field I am interested in.”
  • “My mentor was very friendly and gave great advice! He asked me to send him my resume, which he would then send to some of his contacts for potential employment opportunities. Very helpful overall!”
  • “One of my students had just accepted his first Post-Grad position at a great company! Had an engaging and lengthy conversation about corporate governance and networking within companies. He seems genuinely interested in staying involved with the College, especially through CAC events.”
  • “This has been a very positive experience. I have gotten both my student’s resumes in the hands of multiple companies. One student had a Zoom meeting with a friend with Chicago firms. I am following up with both students at least weekly.”

Seniors, we are continuing this program through the early summer. If you would like to be paired with a Forester for a call, please register here!