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March 2 coronavirus update

Students, faculty, and staff: 

​The College’s Crisis Management Team ​met last Friday, February 28, to review and ​refresh our existing pandemic plans ​in case a coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak ​should occur in weeks and months ahead. The team identified and initiated the following strategies:

1)  For the next 10 weeks, all students, faculty, and staff will be asked to submit any out-of-state business or personal travel plans through a confidential web form that will only be reviewed by a member of the Crisis Management Team. This strategy will help us offer you support if a location you recently visited becomes compromised and quarantine is necessary. Please watch for that link via email tomorrow, under the subject line: ACTION NEEDED: SUBMIT TRAVEL PLANS.  We also urge anyone who plans to travel to check the CDC’s website for the most up to date travel guidance.

2) The College will ​increase the supply of hand sanitizers and bleach wipes in public areas, and College employees will ​increase efforts to wipe down computer labs, library spaces, athletic facilities, and the like. Parkhurst employees will ​frequently change serving utensils in the dining hall and, whenever possible, will ​lower the sneeze guards to reduce “self-service” options in favor of being served by staff. This change ​is designed to reduce the increased possibility of contamination that can more easily occur ​through self-service.

3) Informational posters will be displayed around campus to remind everyone that covering your cough and washing your hands frequently prevents the spread of germs, viruses, and influenza. We remind you that it is equally important to keep your distance from those who are sick, ​and you should not share drinking cups or bottles ​with anyone else.  Those who are immunosuppressed should continue to stay abreast of the news and stay in touch with their health care providers, especially if regional occurrences of the virus begin to rise. 

4) We will ​enhance our communication outreach through a webpage dedicated to providing information and resource links. This new webpage is www.lakeforest.edu/coronavirus and we encourage students to share it with interested family members.    

5) Finally, we recommend that faculty and staff start to consider what they might need in terms of technology and resources in the unlikely event that working from home becomes necessary.  If that were to happen, more information from Human Resources will be distributed, with reminders about our telework, sick day, and Family Medical Leave policies. 


Thank you for your continued attention to these matters.



Andrea B. Conner

Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Lake Forest College




Rosemary House

555 North Sheridan Road

Lake Forest, IL  60045


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