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Debate society attends tournament

The College’s debate society sent two teams to compete in the Loyola Chicago Rambler IV 2020 debate tournament sponsored by the Midwest Debate Association.

The first of the teams, team Starsky with Vivienne Gao ’20 and Zach Klein ’21, argued in favor of violent revolution to bring about a global communist utopia.

While the second team, team Hutch with Aleko Jgarkava ’21 and Pat Brack ’22, convinced judges that using ‘Ok Boomer’ on Twitter was disrespect comparable to the contempt students had for their elders during Maoist China’s Cultural Revolution.

Mayra Tlatelpa ’21 enlisted as a volunteer judge for the tournament. 

The debate society is planning to host its own debate tournament on campus on Saturday, March 28 as a member of the Midwest Debating Association, more details to come.

—Peter DiPietro ’20