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Forester News

Lake Forest College celebrates Forester Day 2020

Forester Day 2020 sailed past the goal of 1,000 donors with 1,213 individual donations totaling $256,087.

Held February 27, this year’s Forester Day saw Foresters from all over the US to come together to donate to the College.

With events held in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, and many more cities around the country, Foresters came together to strengthen the College and help current and future Foresters succeed.

A four-hour live stream from campus, hosted by Senior Admissions Counselor Franklin Gaglione and Head Women’s Soccer Coach T.R. Bell, united the cross-country giving efforts.    

Foresters had the choice of where to make their donations, whether it was to the English department, scholarship programs, the art department, athletics, and many more aspects of the College.

Click here to see the result page of Forester Day as well as the recorded live stream.

—Peter DiPietro ’20