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Holography Gallery reopens with new look

The Tung H. Jeong Holography Gallery reopened recently in the Lillard Science Center with an eye-catching wall graphic that draws visitors to the collection curated by the late professor of physics who helped discover holography.

Located on the first floor of Lillard, the Holography Gallery features works from Jeong himself, as well as other three-dimensional renderings from artists around the world, showcasing and explaining the medium. 

From his arrival on campus, Jeong was one of the early pioneers of holography, which is the creation of three-dimensional reproduction with laser beams.

Jeong lectured and taught seminars at more than 500 universities, professional societies, and industrial sites in Europe, China, and Russia, as well as other international locations.

In 1965, with the help of two students, he achieved the world’s first 360-degree hologram that could be viewed from all sides.

In 1973, Jeong founded Integraf, an international supplier of holographic film and custom hologram stickers and labels.

—Peter DiPietro ’20