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Forester News

Ben Zeller publishes paper in ‘Religions’ journal

A paper Associate Professor of Religion Ben Zeller wrote with the assistance of Michael Janeček ’18 was recently published in the journal Religions.

A discussion in Zeller’s Religion, Science Fiction, and Fantasy course about H. P. Lovecraft’s ideas of the end of the world led Zeller to collaborate on “Altar Call of Cthulhu: Religion and Millennialism in H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos” with Janeček, a neuroscience and history double major.

“Michael and I started talking about our mutual interest in Lovecraft, and he offered to help me with that research,” Zeller said. “A lot of the foundational research that I used in writing that article derived from my work with Michael Janeček, and I’m really grateful to him.” 

As a Richter Scholar in 2015, Janeček worked with Zeller on the Lovecraft research that developed into this article.