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Message from Phil Hood

Updates from the Vice President for External Relations

Thanks to your continued generosity, ACCESS | The Campaign for Lake Forest College now stands at nearly $140 million in commitments. These gifts have made possible many significant capital projects on campus, including the Lillard Science Center and Brown Hall, as well as strengthened faculty support and student scholarships, investments in the Career Advancement Center, and many other features of a Lake Forest College education.

You may recall that the Princeton Review recently recognized the College for the strength of its alumni network. Another positive measure is the degree to which alumni, parents, and friends of the College come together to support Forester Day, which is coming up on Thursday, February 27. Foresters will rally at events in more than 20 locations across the country, as well as participate in supporting the College online. On this day, you can celebrate your Forester spirit by making a gift in support of an aspect of the College that is important to you, whether it be an academic program, club or student organization, student scholarship, athletic team, or one of many other important initiatives. This year, our goal is to have more than 1,000 donors participate on this day. To learn more, please visit lakeforest.edu/foresterday.

Many of you are new to the Loyalty Circle this year by joining the College’s Guardian Society.
Membership is as simple as establishing a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual gift to the College on your credit card. These gifts are an easy way to stay current in your support of Lake Forest College, while providing sustaining support to an area of campus that you care about most. More than 600 Loyalty Circle members are part of the Guardian Society and you can similarly join by visiting lakeforest.edu/give and selecting “recurring” when you input your credit card gift online.

Many thanks again for your leadership and continued support.


Forester Day