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Update from the President

President Schutt offers insight into the goings-on at the College

Dear Loyalty Circle Members,

The year 2020 holds great promise for Lake Forest College with new academic programs, historic Brown Hall construction, and other exciting initiatives in store. There is high enthusiasm on campus as we begin a new semester, and I am pleased to offer this brief update with my thanks for your continued support.

In this issue you will read about our new data science program, the Oppenheimer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and impressive recent achievements in the humanities. You will also see an ad for the forthcoming men’s and women’s lacrosse program, which will begin varsity competition in 2021. These developments—along with our exceptional faculty, Career Advancement Center, and broad network of alumni and friends—will enhance the College’s appeal to highly qualified prospective students from across the country and around the world.

Today’s prospective students are also attracted by the great diversity of our student body and the College’s commitment to be a truly inclusive community. Our students come from more than 40 states and 85 countries, 28 percent are American students of color, and another 11 percent are international students. They reflect the entire world—the world they will inhabit, work, and succeed in—and the College has the opportunity and responsibility to welcome and support each and every one, and prepare them all well.

Building upon the strengths of our community, Forester Day is scheduled to take place on Thursday, February 27, and I hope you will make plans to participate. You will hear more from Vice President for External Relations Philip Hood about Forester Day opportunities.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. All good wishes to you and yours. 

Stephen D. Schutt, President