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Leading alumni speak to students about creative arts career options

Creative arts alumni Karen Mothkovich ’06 and John Tweedie ’94 visited the College and shared their insight on careers in the creative arts field.

Mothkovich, vice president at Ayco, a division of Goldman Sachs, and John Tweedie ’96, exhibitions manager at the Illinois Holocaust Museum, spoke with students about their professional paths and the ways that their liberal arts education led to dynamic, fulfilling careers.

“In the beginning of my career when I was working with finance people, I tried to suppress the more creative side of me, believing I was supposed to do that to fit in,” Mothkovich said. “But I realized I did my best work when I embraced my creativity. Employers don’t want clones of people.”

Tweedie, who got his start at the Art Institute of Chicago, found that his experience at Lake Forest College played a major role in his career.

“A liberal arts education puts you on a path of being able to adapt to changing environments in the workplace,” he said. “It exposes you to so many different viewpoints, doing something for you subconsciously you don’t even realize.” 

Many creative arts majors work with the College’s Career Advancement Center to find fulfilling careers that give them an outlet for their creative energy.

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