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Catherine Benton submission published in New York Times

Chair of Islamic World Studies and Associate Professor and Chair of Religion Catherine Benton recently had an item published in The New York Times “Metropolitan Diary” column.

The Price of Grapes

Dear Diary:

I was walking home from a yoga class on the Upper West Side. I stopped at a sidewalk fruit cart to buy a bunch of grapes.

Instead of the fruit seller who was usually there, a man holding two bananas seemed to be minding the cart.

I asked him the price of grapes.

“That’s my taxi,” he said. “I’m here to buy fruit like you, and fast before I get a ticket.”

Looking around for someone to take our money, I suggested that the fruit seller might be in Chipotle buying lunch.

The taxi driver checked there while I stood by the fruit.

No luck.

“Maybe we could leave the money for our purchases under the cherries?” I suggested.

By now, several other people had stopped and were picking out oranges and mangoes. The taxi driver and I looked at each other.

“I’ll bag the fruit,” he said. “You collect the money.”

A few minutes later, the fruit seller emerged from a nearby store and I handed her the money. She smiled and thanked us.

After paying for his bananas, the taxi driver turned and gave me a high five.

“Nice working with you,” he said.

— Catherine Benton

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