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Helen Bond wins $400,000 grant

Helen Bond, a lecturer of music at the College, won a $400,000 grant for her work in Guinea.

In 2002, Bond’s organization Motherland Rhythm Community started to expand educational opportunities for children in a small village in Guinea. In 2006, it became an official not-for-profit organization, and seven years later, Lake Forest College students won the Davis Foundation’s Projects for Peace Grant for $10,000. Then, Bond held a concert and raised an additional $8,000 for the first deployment of BioSand Water Filters.   

Together, Bond and the college have raised generous funds, and the Motherland Rhythm Community has flourished since it was founded. “It’s been truly amazing since our small beginnings in 2006,” said Bond.  

Since then, they have been continuing to make BioSand Water Filters and Universal Nut Shellers, repair wells, and build/repair schools.  

Most recently, Bond’s Organization is building a Women’s Market in Sangbaralla Village to help expand food security and economic opportunities in a protected environment. The market will also provide stalls for women from neighboring villages to come and sell their produce.  

The Motherland Rhythm Community recently began construction for the Women’s Market in Sangbaralla Village, and it will continue to pursue similar groundbreaking projects. 

Bond will soon be leaving to Guinea for a two-month trip where she will continue her work and evaluate the progress that has been made thus far.