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Forester News

Six Foresters compete in world’s toughest math test

Six Lake Forest students participated in the 2018 William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition—considered to be the most prestigious university-level mathematics competition in the world.

Overall, the College ranked 114 out of 568 participating institutions in the US and Canada.

In the individual competitions, one Forester—Niam Abersiriwardena ’20—placed on the “Top 500” list, a standard benchmark for excellence on the Putnam.

“Niam solved an incredibly hard problem,” said Associate Professor of Mathematics Enrique Treviño, who meets with students weekly to practice math problems and proctors the six-hour Putnam exam. “That was quite exciting.”

The Putnam Competition takes place on the first Saturday in December, and consists of two three-hour sittings separated by a lunch break. The test is supervised by faculty members at the participating schools. Each test consists of 12 challenging problems.

The Foresters who took the 2018 Putnam Exam were:

Niam Abeysiriwardena ’20*

Arthur Brown ’22*

Emma Juettner ’20

Magdiel Miranda Lopez ’20

Kaloyan Parvanov ’20

Mikita Zhylinski ’20*

* Official Lake Forest team members