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Forester News

2019 Phi Beta Kappa inductees announced

The Phi Beta Kappa Society honors students across the United States for excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. Please join us in congratulating the new Lake Forest College inductees!

Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and largest academic honor society, honors excellence in the liberal arts and sciences.

Phi Beta Kappa is an academic honor society dedicated to the recognition of superior academic achievement in the liberal arts and sciences. The Lake Forest College chapter was founded in 1962 and contains both faculty and student members. Each year, faculty members elect student members on the basis of outstanding academic achievement.

The following 45 students were invited to join Phi Beta Kappa.

Elected as Seniors

George Argiropoulos 

Phillip Aubert 

Catherine Auger-Morin 

Elisabeth Bacon 

Mary Becker 

Patrick Biewald 

Cade Brittain 

Alexa Bruni 

Drew Cleereman 

Louis De Courcy 

Zoe Darlington 

Philip Freund 

Christina Gimondo 

Emily Gordon 

Grace Jacobson

Dean Jepsen

Melissa Kahn

Rachel Kaplan

Fillip Komornik

Ryan Kruss

Margo La Clair

Bron Loiselle

Luke McDermott

Jeanne McDonald

Eliska Mrackova

Alexis Nogulich

Noel Orwothwun

Courtney Prais

Kristin Rawlings

Jenna Rotunno

Cydney Salvador

Abigail Samuelson

Anna Sandler

Christopher Scroggins

Rhyan Shanker

Rebecca Shoup

Emily Staufer

Brian Valerio

Zachary Wade

Kaylene Williamson


Elected as Juniors

Corey Brodsky

Anna Fifhause

Jacob Levin

Justina Nawrot

Shelley Parat