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Forester News

Faculty honored at Hotchkiss Celebration

Faculty and staff gathered to honor the published and creative work of the College’s distinguished faculty during the 2018–19 Sue and Gene Hotchkiss Celebration of Faculty Scholarship on April 16. See photos of the event here.

The scholarship of nearly 50 faculty members was on display in the second floor of the Donnelley and Lee Library during the fifth annual event. Attendees perused recent faculty scholarship, including:

  • Books 
  • Book chapters
  • Journal articles and problems
  • Poetry
  • Creative and theatrical works, including writing and essays, direction, design, exhibition, installation, and performance
  • Research encyclopedia entry
  • Criticism, essays, and reviews
  • Interviews 

Addressing the crowd, Dean of Faculty Davis Schneiderman said faculty scholarship and creative work “means something not only for ourselves but for our students, because by doing it we model how to read critically, reason analytically, communicate persuasively, and, above all, to think for ourselves. The best way we do that for our students is to make sure we continually refresh those characters in our own lives and work.”

Eugene Hotchkiss III, president of the College for 23 years, began the scholarship celebration in 2014 as a memorial to his wife, Sue. Hotchkiss’s presidency at Lake Forest was marked by he and his wife’s passionate support for faculty scholarship.

“I congratulate all of you for being scholars as well as teachers,” Hotchkiss told the crowd. “You make this College a great college. Thank you.”