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Forester News

Students make connections at Spring Employer Showcase

Over 60 students networked with potential employers from a wide variety of industries during the first Spring Employer Showcase, held on campus in March.

The event, organized by the Career Advancement Center, featured companies actively recruiting Foresters for internships and careers in marketing, communications, graphic design, consulting, sales, computer science, data analytics, accounting, benefits administration, finance, and more. Employers attending included CDW, Discover Financial Services, LaSalle Network, L2T Media, Oscillas Technologies, Inc., @Properties, PAWS Chicago, Alight Solutions, HUB International, Coyote Logistics, Club Automation and Best Dedicated Solutions.

Students attended a preparation session prior to the showcase to understand what to expect and how to get the most out of the experience. CAC Career Pathway Leaders also helped students fine-tune their resume and elevator speech.

Valdrin Halitjaha ’22 was impressed by the on-campus networking event—and made quite an impression himself. “Less than a week after the event, I was offered three internships with different companies,” he said. The international student from the Netherlands is also grateful for the opportunity to expand his professional network. “There were so many professionals who were more than happy to connect with me and offer help for any other questions I had regarding my career path.”

Erin Andrews ’21, who inquired about marketing internships, was most excited to connect with professionals from @Properties and LaSalle Network. “I was able to speak with Discover and find out more information about their internship program that I had not heard about prior to this event,” she said.

Andrews appreciated connecting with alumni working in career areas that interest her. “That allowed for a more personal conversation about transitioning experiences,” she said. “I learned that the path to my career will not necessarily be a straight line. This gave me some peace of mind that my education at Lake Forest is preparing me for any opportunities that come my way, planned or not.”