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Forester News

New gallery for student artwork opens

A new art space, gallery208, is an inviting area where students from all majors can display their two-dimensional artwork in the Donnelley and Lee Library.

The walls outside Room 208, on both sides of the hallway, have been painted “gallery white.” This gallery aims to display artwork in the space on a rotating basis.

Diayan Rajamohan ’21 is the first student to be chosen to display his artwork. Rajamohan’s series, called Lake Forest Autumn, is inspired by the fallen leaves in Lake Forest. His attempt to capture the textures and colors of the leaves with an abstract perspective has given the walls of the gallery a new personality.

“Students have this misconception that they must be an art student or major to really take advantage of all the opportunities and spaces that Lake Forest provides,” said the sociology and anthropology major who is minoring in legal studies. For him, “art is very much a therapeutic practice, and by showing people my paintings, I’d like them to see that art in any form can be therapeutic for them as well.”

The area is available for all students that would like to showcase their art with the community. Interested students can apply to display their work using this form.

—Dipashna Acharya ’22