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Class Notes Spotlight: Caitlin Brown Hoffman ’07

Caitlin Brown Hoffman ’07 fell in love with travel and adventure while studying in Florence, Italy during her senior year. She knew she wanted travel to be more than a hobby in her life. An internship under Joe Hoffer ’88 at Rolling Stone Magazine led her into advertising upon graduation, but she was always thinking about how she could parlay her skill set into her dream job: professional traveler. Hoffmann eventually left advertising, and after a year visiting the off-the-beaten paths of 19 of our national parks, founded Wandering Eye Travel Co. Based out of Chicago, Hoffmann now helps others with experiences of a lifetime: customizing creative, authentic travel itineraries to locations around the world. You can follow her adventures on Instagram: @wanderingeyeco, and visit her website: www.wanderingeye.co.