Communications and Marketing

Entrepreneurial Marketing Presentations

On November 26 at Lake Forest City Hall, three teams of students from the Entrepreneurial Marketing class presented their research findings and marketing recommendations to three local business owners who were their clients for the semester. Read a story published by the Lake Forester about the event.

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    The third consecutive plate race pitted teams of summer research students from different science departments, Richter scholars and the LFC-RFUMS Summer Scholars programs. Runners balanced a stack of petri dishes in a relay around the Middle Campus Quad in this highlight of the summer semester.
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    Certified therapy dogs brought smiles to students faces during the hectic finals week in May. The therapy dogs visit campus during mid-terms and finals to give students an opportunity to de-stress and connect with a furry friend.
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    Four-week Richter scholars presented the results of their research during a daylong symposium on June 3. Seventeen students worked on 13 projects in art history, business, chemistry, computer science, English, environmental studies, politics, and psychology. The 10-week Richter Scholar Symposium will be held on Friday, July 22.
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    Congratulations to the 42 new scholars that will research on campus during the summer of 2016!

    Catherine Auger-Morin
    Amalie Ausland-Bjerkely
    Elizabeth Bacon
    Binam Bajracharya
    Sam Curry
    Kayleigh Day
    Olivia Dellomodarme
    Nouha Ezouhri
    Luca Ferincz
    Kendra Fobert
    Yoan Ganev
    Olga Gutan
    Savannah Halcomb
    Jo Hendriksen
    Ridwaan Ismail
    Abby King
    Margo LaClair
    Molly Major
    Julianne Mauriello
    Jeanne McDonald
    Isabel McKenzie
    Ray Meltser
    Eliska Mrackova
    Sophie Mucciaccio
    Chisomo Mwale
    Courtney Oates
    Glenn Ohman
    Noel Orwothwun
    Amanda Penn-Francis
    Ayesha Quraishi
    Kristen Rawlings
    Daniel Robles
    Billie Rodman
    Jenna Rotunno
    Rodrigo Sanchez
    Keara Schweiger
    Rebecca Shoup
    Beatrice Skeffington-Palmieri
    Danielle Sychowski
    Ralph Taylor
    Tubanji Walubita
    Anthony Zimmerman