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John Waters Lecture

In a comedy-filled routine titled “This Filthy World,” John Waters discussed his careers in film, art, and literature, ranting about his life, pop culture, and things that make him crazy as only John Waters can. The event was sponsored by the Ruth A. Winter Lecture Series, and was the culmination of the two-month long John Waters Film Festival on campus.

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    Destruction of Johnson C—the circular building—began on July 26. The bridge connecting the two Johnson buildings will take place next.
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    Ten-week Richter scholars presented their research results during a daylong symposium on July 22. Nineteen students worked on 13 projects in biology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics, education, English, music, and neuroscience. The four-week Richter Scholar Symposium was held in June.
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    The third consecutive plate race pitted teams of summer research students from different science departments, Richter scholars and the LFC-RFUMS Summer Scholars programs. Runners balanced a stack of petri dishes in a relay around the Middle Campus Quad in this highlight of the summer semester.
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    Certified therapy dogs brought smiles to students faces during the hectic finals week in May. The therapy dogs visit campus during mid-terms and finals to give students an opportunity to de-stress and connect with a furry friend.
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    Four-week Richter scholars presented the results of their research during a daylong symposium on June 3. Seventeen students worked on 13 projects in art history, business, chemistry, computer science, English, environmental studies, politics, and psychology. The 10-week Richter Scholar Symposium will be held on Friday, July 22.