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Researcher Registration Form

Please fill out all information and carefully read the following rules governing the use of material at the Lake Forest College Archives and Special Collections. Your signature acknowledges your understanding of the rules and your agreement and willingness to comply with them. Your signature further certifies that all the information given on the form is correct.


1. Researchers must register annually.

2. No food is allowed in the reading room.  Beverages with lids may be brought in but are not allowed on or near the research tables.

3. Archival and manuscript materials are fragile and therefore must be handled with care. Do not mark, fold, trace over, cut, or otherwise damage them.

4. Please take one folder at a time out of a box.  Please preserve the existing order of the collections.

5. Materials do not circulate or leave the reading room.

6. Archives users may use personal digital cameras, phones, or portable scanners in the reading room at no charge. Archives users may request staff to make photocopies at 10 cents per page. Archives users may also request digitization, with fees applying if the work takes over an hour.

7. Archives users are responsible for complying with the terms of any and all restrictions placed on the materials being used, including but not limited to copyright laws, libel, and privacy legislation. If you find private information (social security numbers, health records, etc.) please bring it to the attention of the staff.

8. If requested, all notes, photocopies, and other papers and books must be presented to staff for inspection before leaving the research room.

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