Lake Forest College Lyrica Concert: The Core Barbershop Quartet

The Lake Forest College Lyrica is pleased to present the internationally renowned barbershop quartet: The Core. The Core is a relatively new quartet on the barbershop scene. Formed in early 2013, they rapidly grew as a top-end performing group that recently placed 16th in the annual international barbershop quartet contest in July 2015. This foursome may be a new combination, but their members have been accomplished international barbershop performers for many years. The Core was founded on the belief that music is about sharing. This quartet formed to embark on a journey together. With the love of their families and the support of their friends, The Core is excited to share a part of their journey with you. Entertaining audiences through genuine and honest delivery of music is the goal of this foursome. From love ballads, inspirational music, traditional barbershop, and feature selections we hope you will enjoy their unique blend and artistry that makes them one of the top performing groups in the barbershop harmony society.