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Request a Syllabus

  • Syllabi may be shared with members of the Lake Forest College community (current faculty, staff, students, alumni, former students, etc.) and representatives of the Higher Learning Commission or the Department of Education. Permission of the author of the syllabus is required if a syllabus is requested by someone from outside these groups.

  • The College Archives has syllabi for many–but not all–courses taught from the late 1990s to the present.
  • Be sure to provide all of the required information in the form below so that your request can be filled. For students, this information should be on your transcript.
  • You can also email syllabi@lakeforest.edu,which will be easier for multiple syllabi requests. Be sure to include for each syllabus:
    • Academic year and semester in which the course was taught
    • Course Code (Examples:ECON 180 or AFAM 110/AMER 1010)
    • Course title
    • Name of the instructor who taught the course
Example: 2017-2018. If you are a student or former student, this information will be on your transcript.
Very few summer syllabi are available
Example: ECON 180
Example: Quantitative Methods for Economics & Business