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Request a Syllabus

  • The College Archives has syllabi for many–but not all–courses taught from the late 1990s to the present.
  • Be sure to provide all of the required information in the form below so that your request can be filled. For students, this information should be on your transcript.
  • You can also email syllabi@lakeforest.edu,which will be easier for multiple syllabi requests. Be sure to include for each syllabus:
    • Academic year and semester in which the course was taught
    • Course Code (Examples:ECON 180 or AFAM 110/AMER 1010)
    • Course title
    • Name of the instructor who taught the course
If you are a student or former student, this information will be on your transcript.
Very few summer syllabi are available
Example: ECON 180
Example: Quantitative Methods for Economics & Business