Research Guides

African American Studies

African American Studies Research Guide

American Studies

American Studies Research Guide


Biology Research Guide

Biology 131: Invasion Ecology

Biology 143: Biological Inquiry: The Biology of Sex

Biology 221: Molecules, Genes, and Cells: Science in the News

Suggested News Articles
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Find and Cite Images for Papers and Presentations


Chemistry Research Guide

Using Chemical Abstracts and SciFinder

College Writing

College Writing 100 McCabe

College Writing 100 Oakley

College Writing 100 Stockdale

Economics, Business, and Finance

Business 345: Principles of Marketing Strategies

Business 355: Mass Media & Marketing Research

Business 470: Latin American Global Business


Education Courses Research Guide

List of ERIC Documents Available in Microfiche

First Year Studies

First Year Studies 106: Medical Mysteries

First Year Studies 128: Robots & Brains: Fantasies & Facts

First Year Studies 141: Disney, Music, and Culture
      APA Style Reference Examples for FIYS 141

First Year Studies 168: Global Cultures: Chicago and Beyond

First Year Studies 178: Saints and Sinners: Chicago

First Year Studies 187: Religion in Guilded Age Chicago

First Year Studies 192: Stars: Black Holes, Dark Cosmos

Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Resource Guide


American History Research Guide

History 110: World Civilizations to 1650 

History 201: Modern America

History 300: Theory & Methods

History 348: Stereotyping Indian Cities

History of South Asia Research Guide

Islamic World Studies

Islamic World Studies Research Guide

Modern Languages and Literatures

French 308: Contemporary France

French 320: French for International Affairs and Business

French 330: The French Speaking World

French 334: Exploring French Lit Through Film

Spanish & Latin American Cinema Research Guide



News Media

Local and National News

International News


Comparative Politics: A Research Guide

Politics 110: Debate

Politics 268: Law, Medicine and Ethics


PsycINFO Guide


Religion Research Guide

Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology Research Guide



Theater Research Guide