Research Guides

African American Studies

African American Studies Research Guide

American Studies

American Studies Research Guide


Biology Research Guide

Biology 131: Invasion Ecology

Biology 143: Biological Inquiry: The Biology of Sex

Biology 221: Molecules, Genes, and Cells: Science in the News
                     Suggested News Articles

Find and Cite Images for Papers and Presentations


Chemistry Research Guide

Using Chemical Abstracts and SciFinder

Economics, Business, and Finance

Business 345: Principles of Marketing Strategies

Business 355: Mass Media & Marketing Research

Business 470: Latin American Global Business


Education Courses Research Guide

List of ERIC Documents Available in Microfiche

First Year Studies

First Year Studies 106: Medical Mysteries

First Year Studies 141: Disney, Music, and Culture
      APA Style Reference Examples for FIYS 141

First Year Studies 168: Global Cultures: Chicago and Beyond

First Year Studies 192: Stars: Black Holes, Dark Cosmos

Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Resource Guide


American History Research Guide

History 110: World Civilizations to 1650

History 300: Theory & Methods

History 348: Stereotyping Indian Cities

History of South Asia Research Guide

Islamic World Studies

Islamic World Studies Research Guide

Modern Languages and Literatures

French 308: Contemporary France

French 320: French for International Affairs

French 330: The French Speaking World

French 338: French Culture through Film

Spanish & Latin American Cinema Research Guide

News Media

Local and National News

International News


Comparative Politics: A Research Guide

Politics 110: Debate

Politics 268: Law, Medicine and Ethics


PsycINFO Guide


Religion Research Guide

Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology Research Guide

Sociology 320:  Social Research: Qualitative Methods: EndNote Web Guide


Theater Research Guide