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 Government Information


American Community Survey (ACS)
A nationwide survey, and part of the US Census Bureau’s reengineered decennial census program, that collects annual estimates including economic, demographic, social, and housing characteristics for populations 65,000+. 2005current. Guidance for Data Users also available.

American FactFinder
From the US Census Bureau, FactFinder incorporates economic, housing, population, and geographic data from the Decennial Census, American Community Survey, and Economic Census, among others. 1990current.

Census Atlas of the United States
The Census Bureau’s comprehensive atlas of population and housing including topics such as language and ancestry. Most data are mapped at the county level, but are mapped by state or city.

Census of Agriculture Historical Archives
A searchable database for historical data on the nation’s agricultural economy performed by the Census of Agriculture undertaken periodically in 510 year intervals. 19251987 currently available and continued data will be added going back to the first census in 1840. 1987present available on the USDA Census of Agriculture website.

Economic Census
Profiles of US national and local economies conducted every 5 years on retail and wholesale trade, services, transportation, and other industries. 

Explore Census Data
Access Census Bureau data, including releases from the American Community Survey, Economic Census, the Census and more.

ICPSR Lake Forest College email required
Useful for presentation of Census 2000 data for exporting to statistical software and selected subset of the short and long form data (Summary 1 & 3 files).

Social Explorer  
from Oxford University Press
Generate maps and reports using historical census data and demographic information from 1790present. Datasets include the U.S. Census, American Community Survey, United Kingdom Census, Canadian Census, Eurostat, FBI Uniformed Crime Report, American election results, Religious Congregation Membership Study, World Development Indicators, and more.
Access is limited to three simultaneous users.
“Log In” is optional and not necessary in order to use Social Explorer.

1940 Census
Millions of digital images from the 1940 Census available from the National Archives and Ancestry.com. Particularly useful to those researching genealogy or are searching for an individual who was included in the 1940 survey.

Quick census data:
2010 data
2000 data
1990 data
Race/Ethnicity by zipcode — based on 20052010 data
* Due to the change in the Census program, the 2000 census has the last long form data (Summary File 3). Now data is available annually covering similar information through the ACS. Detailed explanation available through the Missouri Census Data Center MCDC

US Census Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Census.gov

US Census Guide
For materials at Lake Forest College. 

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